Dear Students and Parents:

With a history of over twenty-four years in the education industry, Riphah has a tradition of being ingenious both in program offering as well as the latest techniques to impart education to our youth. Our programs are designed to be effective, rigorous, and relevant to the changing business environment. The programs are rich in curriculum and give students hands on experience through creative and industry based learning tools. Our faculty has diverse academic and industry exposure to enhance students’ practical skills.
Riphah International University has taken the initiative to spread value based education through our Intermediate Colleges network. The untiring efforts of our team at campuses, the faculty, and the positive response of students, we are rapidly expanding our colleges’ network across the country. Our aim is to continue to play an important role in educating students for their careers. As our programs grow, we intend to expand our network of Riphah International Colleges (RIC) all over Pakistan. Our curriculum for Riphah Colleges is enriched with contents covering Islamic Ethical Values aiming to develop our students’ personality enabling them to be progressive as well as morally strong members of the society. We aim to providing quality education at an affordable cost.

I am personally honored to serve as the project director of Riphah International Colleges. There has never been a time, in my experience, when I feel to have the ability to contribute so much to the renewal of our ailing education system. I am hoping our faculty and graduates will contribute to the society by being ethical and morally strong individuals.
I convey my compliments and wishing you all the best in your endeavor to achieve the set goals, mission & vision in all activities in coming years for building a stronger Pakistan. We are committed to working with you to produce exceptional leaders.

Prof. Khalil Muhammad